Isles I

The first phase of ISLES – a feasibility study – was commissioned in 2010 and the final reports published in April 2012. The study concluded that:

  • An interconnected offshore electricity grid network is technically possible and would have significant economic benefits
  • The initial ISLES concepts, Northern ISLES and Southern ISLES, could connect 2.8 GW and 3.4 GW of generation respectively by circa 2020
  • A number of important challenges remain to be resolved, including operation of energy markets and the promotion of innovation and investment, to facilitate major coordinated development.
  • Recommended the need for a second project phase to achieve further action towards implementation.

The ISLES I feasibility study contract was awarded to a consortium led by the Dublin office of RPS Consultants. The comprehensive feasibility study, covered:

– Technology & Infrastructure
– Environment & Planning
– Construction & Deployment
– Cost Benefit Analysis
– Regulation

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Indicative Southern ISLES Network Architecture from 2012 Concept Report

Southern Isles capture