Isles II

The project partners secured additional INTERREG IVA funding for ISLES II ‘Towards Implementation’ in June 2013. The second phase included three distinct work-streams as detailed below as well as a programme of stakeholder consultation and dissemination activity. The ISLES II delivery phase concluded at the end of June and the reports finalised and uploaded to ISLES website in September 2015. The key outputs detailed in the reports include;

• a cross jurisdictional Spatial Plan providing locational marine guidance to potential developers;

• a recommended regulatory model that outlines principles for arrangements to facilitate efficient coordination of development; and,

• an ISLES business plan that proposes an overarching governance framework, through which future development might be supported.


ISLES Spatial Plan

This work-stream includes the production of the ISLES Spatial Plan and Sustainability Appraisal, comprising of: a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA); a Habitats Regulations Appraisal (HRA) to identify the potential for effects on European nature conservation sites; and a Socio-economic Impact Assessment (SEIA) – an assessment of the impacts of the plan on communities, other users of the sea and the economy.

Lead Consultant for ISLES II assignment
Iain Bell, Regional Director, Environment (Edinburgh Office)
Phone: +44 (0) 131 301 8600

AECOM logoABPmer_1736x478
AECOM Technology Corporation is a global provider of professional technical and management support services to a broad range of markets, including transportation, facilities, environmental, energy, water and government. AECOM have partnered with Southampton based marine environmental consultancy ABPmer, for the completion of this assignment.

Network Regulation & Market Alignment Study

This work-stream seeks to build on the regulatory scenarios and related economic analysis prepared under ISLES I and to devise a recommended model of market operation for the ISLES partner jurisdictions that could also have the potential for adaption elsewhere in the EU.

Lead Consultant for ISLES II assignment
Gary Keane, Principal, Pöyry UK
Phone: +44 (0) 1865 812 236

poyry uk logoEnergy link logo
Pöyry Management Consulting (UK) Ltd is a global consulting and engineering firm focusing on the energy, forest industry and infrastructure and environment sectors. Pöyry have sub-contracted elements of this work stream to the Perth based software and energy consultancy Energy Link.

Business Plan

This plan will be used to inform and promote potential future commercial development of a sub-sea electricity network and associated renewable energy projects in the ISLES Zone. It describes the commercial opportunities, identifying current and future scenarios and interventions to maximise local economic (construction, manufacturing, operations and maintenance) content levels. The plan will assist a range of relevant stakeholders including governments, transmission owners (both onshore and off-shore), system operators, generators and regulators.

Lead Consultant for ISLES II assignment
Cathryn Hooper, Partner at Source Low Carbon LLP
Tel +44 (0) 7880499962

Baringa logo source logo Bellenden logo

Baringa Partners LLP is a management consultancy that specialises in the energy, financial services and utilities markets in the UK and continental Europe. Consortia partner, Source Low Carbon LLP is acting as project manager for the ISLES assignment. Source was established in 2013 to support and promote the successful development of sustainable marine energy projects. The third consortia partner is Bellenden an established, independent agency specialising in political, planning and corporate communications.